About The Comal County Crisis Center

The Crisis Center of Comal County was founded in 1986 as the Comal County Women’s Center. Numerous local citizens began a grassroots effort to develop an agency that would address the needs of those experiencing domestic violence. In the beginning the agency consisted of several volunteers who provided information and referral to other service providers in the area. As time passed and grant funding was obtained the agency grew to include several paid staff and an emergency shelter. During those first years many of the agency’s clients also required sexual assault services. As a result, the agency developed a sexual assault crisis services program to serve Comal County. A capitol campaign fund completed in 1994 funded a six-bedroom full service emergency shelter. Since that time the staff has grown to 19 and includes a shelter staff of 6, 3 licensed counselors, 2 legal advocates, 3 prevention educators and 2 crisis response staff members.

In 2000 the shelter was expanded to 9 bedrooms as well as new office space to provide additional services. As the number of clients increased the agency began to provide more and more services to men. As a result the agency name was changed to The Crisis Center of Comal County.

2017 Statistics

Total Clients Served 1213

Adults 895

Children 318

Domestic Violence clients 1100

Sexual Assault clients 113

Residential Clients 540

Non-Residential Clients 673

Total Shelter Days 22,622

Children Services 30,458

 Counseling Clients 345

Counseling Hours 1,181

Hotline Calls 2,877

Responded Calls for Crisis Response 119

SAFE exams accompanied 54

Volunteer Hours 2,443

Education Presentations/Trainings/Booths 254

Protective Orders 155